FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions –Residential / Resort

What are the Critical Questions to Ask before I Hire a Cleaning Service?

Why should I hire Dust Busters Pro?

Who provides the cleaning products and equipment?

What type of training do your workers receive?

How do I get started?

Is Dust Busters Pro a franchise?

Do I sign a service agreement?

What hours do you work?

How many people do you send to clean?

Why does the first cleaning of my property cost more?

How do you monitor quality?

Do I need to be home?

How will you get into my property?

If I give you a key, how will it be protected?

What about pets?

Is there anything I need to do before the cleaning?

What if something is not cleaned properly?

What if something gets damaged during the cleaning process?

Do you clean windows?

What don't you do?

What if I want to cancel a scheduled service?

Should I tip the workers for a job well done?

Can I hire your staff directly?